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      Our Story

      Thümm (tOOm) & Co. is a father-and-son duo of Gregs who decided to put their resources together in order to create a direct-to-consumer watch brand that comes from a place of passion and 30+ years of industry knowledge.

      Since 1983, Greg B. Thumm has been involved in many different facets of the watch industry—from owning and operating his own jewelry store, to managing the supply chain and product development of 30 globally distributed brands over the years, to ultimately capping off his career as President of Bulova Watch Co.


      He decided that there was an opportunity to tap into the relationships he developed over his career to develop a global supply chain and create a watch brand predicated on affordability, durability, quality, transparency, and personalization that is sold exclusively online. He enlisted the help of his son, Greg, to help develop an e-commerce platform and manage the marketing and operations of the brand.

      With a shared passion for watches, they banded together as crusaders of craftsmanship who, along with their manufacturing partners, have crafted engineered, on-trend timepieces out of premium materials with painstaking attention to detail in order to provide refreshingly well-built watches. Their original designs have been registered worldwide, in an effort to protect the brand’s intellectual property.


      Much like the ancient Algonquin legend of the rabbit smoking a pipe, Thümm & Co. aims to use wisdom (industry knowledge), speed (supply chain expertise), and strategy as a countermeasure to the competition. The rabbit represents this mission through the pillars of affordability, durability, quality, transparency, and personalization.

      Affordability - The direct-to-consumer model allows Thümm & Co. to offer pricing that would otherwise be in a much higher retail pricing tier. Thümm & Co.’s pricing model factors a price point between $175 and $225. If Thümm & Co. products were sold through the traditional wholesale distribution model and profit scheme, the retail price points for identical products would be between $425 and $525.

      Durability - From the straps to the bezel, Thümm & Co. watches are engineered for their functionality. Here are a few examples of how Thümm & Co. utilizes knowledge in material science:

      • The straps have a fluoroelastomer lining and sidewalls that protect the top layer of genuine leather from getting damaged by the wear-and-tear of daily use.
      • The crystal is made of a more scratch-resistant, hardened glass than what is typically found in on-trend watches.
      • The bezel on the R1 models incorporates an overlay of .960 sterling silver sheet stock that is 400 microns (0.4mm) thick. This means that the sheet overlay could conceivably last 400 years of constant use without wearing through. The point was to engineer a bezel using unplated silver rather than plating that will begin to wear off in as little as 6 months to a year.

      Quality - Thümm & Co. watches are designed in the United States and their original, proprietary design is globally registered. They have an engineered strap that looks better and will last longer than a standard strap. Thümm & Co has used a precious metal rather than the industry standard of plating in order to add natural coloring and increased functionality.

      Transparency - Thumm & Co.’s Earth Made™ service mark is their commitment to an open and honest communication with their consumers about the country of origin of the materials they use in producing their timepieces. They are proud to report the details of the current global supply chain because their philosophy is that this information should be disclosed to the consumer.

      Personalization - Each Thümm & Co. watch features caseback engraving for customers to personalize their own initials or message onto their watch. This is done at no cost. They do the engraving onsite as soon as your watch is ordered without slowing down the time of fulfillment of your order. This feature is standard across the launch line as well as all future models.