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      If you do not find the answer to your question in the list below, please feel free to reach out to us directly by sending an email to contact@thummco.com.


      Yes, each watch comes with a three-year limited warranty. You can find the details on our website as well as in the owner’s manual that came with your watch.

      To set the time, simply pull the crown away from the case (until it clicks), rotate the crown either direction to the desired time, then push in the crown (until it clicks again) returning it to its home position against the body of the case.

      Your battery will last approximately three years. If it's time to change your battery, we strongly recommend that your battery is replaced here at the Thümm & Co. service center for a nominal fee. If you'd like your battery replaced, send us a note and we will be happy to take care of that for you. 

      This is a little bit of a complicated subject - yes it is water resistant! Your timepiece has been factory tested to a depth of thirty to fifty meters (depending on the model) and and it can safely handle conditions such as rain, perspiration, splashes while washing your hands, etc., but please keep in mind that your watch is not constructed as a diving watch.

      The water resistant test is a static laboratory test, which means that the internal watch gaskets are assured to be sealed before we ship the watch to you. This quality assurance process cannot replicate actual use in terms of actual contact a watch can have whilst it is physically submerged or in contact with water. Therefore, we recommend that you exercise caution when it comes to wearing your watch in or around water.

      Oxidation causes a natural haze to form on silver surfaces. If this happens, we recommend two options as solutions to remove oxidation:

      • Gently wipe the surface of the bezel with a damp, soft cloth to remove the haze.
      • Mix together a small amount of water and baking soda or toothpaste until it forms into a paste. Then, dip a cotton swab into the mixture and gently rub it on the silver bezel. A heads up; the color of silver tarnish is black color, and is a normal occurrence. Wipe clean with a soft, dampened soft cloth.

      We do not recommend using the cotton pouch as a polishing or cleaning cloth. Instead, we suggest using a soft natural cotton cloth (i.e. terry cloth towel) to clean your timepiece.

      When you scan the QR code, you will be sent to an email draft addressed directly to us. From there, you can send us a note or question about your watch. Before you scan the QR code, be sure to wipe the back of the caseback to clean the surface and scan the code in a brightly lit room - for best results, make sure that overhead lighting is not directly shining on the caseback itself.

      The serial number is located beneath the QR code in small print on the bottom of the caseback. The serial number is also written on the warranty page in your owner’s manual.

      Please let us know what you need serviced by sending us an email first. Then, we ask that you package your watch securely and mail it to us. We ask that you cover the cost of shipping your watch to our facility.

      Still need service help? Shoot us a note at service@thummco.com.

      Shipping, Returns, and Payment

      Yes! We offer free UPS Ground shipping for all customers in the USA. 

      Yes we do!

      At the moment, no. We ship internationally using DHL Express Worldwide, which is billed at cost.

      No! We engrave on-site and are proud to say that it does not slow down the fulfillment and shipping process.

      We aim to ship you watch out within 24 hours from when you ordered it. If you order your watch anytime over the weekend (after 12:00pm on Friday - 9:00am on Monday), your order will be processed first thing on Monday.

      We accept returns up to seven days from the date you receive your watch as long as the watch has been unworn and has the original protective stickers still intact.

      Feel free to reach out to contact@thummco.com for any additional help or to coordinate a return.

      We will need to engrave a new caseback for you, which means that this is a service request - send us an email and we will get it sorted out.

      Send us a note and we will surely find a way to make it work.

      Contact and Hours of Operation

      Our operational headquarters are located in Warren, Ohio. Our address is:

      Thümm & Co. 

      330 West Market Street, Suite B

      Warren, Ohio 44481

      For service questions/concerns, please email service@thummco.com

      For general inquiries, please email contact@thummco.com

      You can also give us a call at 330-469-9043

      Monday - Thursday (9:00am - 6:00pm)

      Friday (9:00am - 2:00pm)

      We are closed for all major USA holidays. Please keep this in mind when buying a gift for a friend or loved one!

      For free shipping, we recommend ordering your watch at least 4 business days from the date you wish to gift it (to allow some security)